Welcome to Kasa d’ Vizin

Our name Kasa d’ Vizin, means ‘the neighbour’s house’ in Creole. We are located in a small village called “Eito”, overlooking the mountains and the green valley of Paul as well as the ocean. Our house is a regular village house that consists of 4 levels and has been upgraded and renovated to receive our guests in comfort. Suitable for long or short stays.

During your stay you will be immersed in Cape Verdean culture. When you meet your neighboursvyou will be greeted with a “Bom dia”, “Boa tarde” or a “Bom noite” depending on the time of day. You will hear the sounds, see the sights and experience the scents of every day Cape Verdean life.

Our residencial is located in the middle of the small agglomeration people call “Eito d tsima”, or, “the upper part of Eito”. The word “eito” refers to a large area of agricultural land. When you look out of the window, you will see that to this day the land around the building is still used for agriculture. You can see sugar cane, mango-, breadfruit- and banana trees, cassava, …

What makes our apartments unique is that it’s a mix between European comfort and Cape Verdean style. Do you want to be immersed in the Cape Verdean lifestyle without compromising on comfort? Stay with us!

We are vegan and vegetarian friendly. We can offer you veggie or vegan meals and help you find your way to vegan/veggie friendly items in the supermarket and to vegan/veggie friendly restaurants and hotels.